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CAD Drawings

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We utilise modern computerised 3D structural modelling systems for the production of our manufacturing and installation drawings. The CAD software allows our drawing office staff to create a full 3D model of a structure before it is fabricated. This offers an extremely accurate representation of the project, which is automatically checked by the software to ensure all parts are aligned correctly and perfectly.

We use a specialised structural engineering design tool, which allows us to model the entire building. This model is also available to our customers to view via free software, allowing you to rotate, zoom, and even ‘walk through’ the model to ensure that the approval process is as smooth as possible.

On completion of the model all individual component drawings are created and automatically downloaded as DSTV files to our cutting, drilling and high definition plasma cutting machines. The parts are then manufactured automatically to the highest level of accuracy and efficiency, even on the most complicated of structures guaranteeing complete satisfaction for the client.